Sunday, 2 August 2009

Outlaw output.

In the interests of avoiding the complications inherent in running a .com website including Barclays bank refusing to open a bank account for Instigate because it is “inappropriate”, this will now be the mouth of ID. Welcome.

Posts should be uploaded directly to the Instigate Debate area on YouTube and you can still contact us at

Do join up (not “follow”, lead!) and let others know about this. More events coming up, after Reading/Leeds we are going all around the country. Keep posting; that is the beating heart of ID. New prizes will be announced shortly and more house gigs will be performed very soon.

1 comment:

  1. Damn banks. I really loved your last site-very creative.

    Please can you contact me ASAP-I am doing an event soon and really think you may like it.

    It's called:

    The Mutiny presents...

    Money on Trial.

    I have more publicity than this but want to send it to you directly before we go ahead and print.

    Anyway, vive la revolution, vive le Mutiny and Vive Instigate Debate!

    Clare Solomon aka

    email revolution at soas dot ac dot uk If you know what I mean!