Thursday, 29 October 2009

You Said .... Our Survey said ......

Hello. Please take 3 mins to complete this non-scientific, indicative survey. Maybe copy and paste with your answers and send to as our IT dept were crewman on the Marie Celeste. Thank you.

1. Indicate gender with an M or F:

2. Indicate how nascent or ancient you might be with an A, B OR C:
A (16-25) B (25-35) C (35 or over – hey, it’s ok. It’s good.)


1. Will you vote at the next election; Y or N?

2. If you answered no, why – please try and only select the option that means most to you:

A = I do not trust politicians
B = I do not trust media coverage of events in the UK and wider world
C = I see no differences between the main parties
D = I do not feel the electoral system is representative

3. Who or what do you consider has most influence on our governments:

A = Large corporations (excluding media)
B = The electorate
C = The media
D = Foreign governments or leaders
E = The personal convictions of the political leaders themselves

4. Who or what do you consider to be the most negative effect on life in the UK:

A = Large corporations (excluding media)
B = The Media
C = Politicians
D = Immigration
E = The banking system
F = Crime

Which of the following huge generalisations best describes your view on the state of the UK cultural media agenda:

A = Diverse, vibrant and risk taking.
B = Independent, but narrow in focus
C = Short of imagination and lacking substance
D = dominated by advertising power, product placement and product promotion
E = Sexist and dull.

How active are you personally on the issues that you care about:

A = Very
B = As much as I can
C = A bit, but I want to do more
D = On reflection, I actually do nothing.

Do please send. Gracias. ID.x

Friday, 2 October 2009

Our media.

Media magnates – often foreign nationals and UK tax exiles – have huge power to hold politicians to ransom. But should they have that power? Could we be creeping towards a Fox News culture?

If you agree that any one individual or corporation should not be allowed to own more than 2 UK news outlets, please consider signing this:

If you disagree and think the media works well as it is, also drop us a line at